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Worship Team

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Team Overview

Worship is not what we do but who we are. We are passionate to see people change as they love, follow and share Jesus, and as a response, we express our love for God through worship, in community, in humility, and as an act of love and service for one another. 

Worship isn’t just something that happens on a stage, but a lifestyle we claim day after day, week after week, as we see God move in our lives and through us to lead others into a deeper relationship with Him. To teach that experience for your community requires a deep personal commitment to the craft, compassion, love for your community, and overflowing conviction in Jesus as our savior.


We provide great resources - mp3’s, chord charts, tutorial videos, etc… for worship musicians to be well-prepared for the weekend. We expect musicians and vocals to practice individually to be prepared for a rehearsal together, usually on Friday nights (occasionally Thursday nights).


Vocalists: Need experience and giftedness in singing and blending with other vocals, and/or comfortable with singing in three parts of harmony, with confidence and conviction to lead our congregation well.

Instrumentalists: Need to be proficient at their instrument with experience and comfortability playing with (or open to learning how to play with) click-tracks, using in-ear monitors, and dedicated to practicing individually.


Instruments include:

Keys: Using Mainstage with a midi controller keyboard

Acoustic, Lead or rhythm electric guitar: Tone and skills developed for worship music genre

Bass: Accuracy in notes with a clean tone and builds a foundation for the rest of the band

Drums: Builds a strong pocket/groove for the band, with sensitivity for worshipful moments

Other: We do not typically integrate other instruments into our worship band but may occasionally seek out strings for specific programming needs


Arrive on time. Stay until dismissed or production is cleaned/torn down and finished.

Attend the Worship team huddle.

Check-in with team lead upon arrival and check out before leaving.

Worship teams are encouraged to participate in and attend one of the services in between the worship set.


Training: Experience preferred, Auditions required

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