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Production Team

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Team Overview

Team Overview: Be a part of the team that helps make the service run smoothly and professionally. The Production Team is the unsung heroes of the volunteer world.


Camera Technician: Run a camera during services.

Lighting Technician: Run the lighting system during services.

Lyrics/Media Technician: Run the lyrics screens for worship and slides for the service.

Production/Stage Assistant Managers: Errands, muscle, hands, and feet needed!

Floor Managers: Run Planning Center Live and cue participants to help service and transitions run smoothly.


Arrive on time. Stay until dismissed or production is cleaned/torn down and finished.

Attend the Production Crew team huddle and any team meetings.

Wear volunteer t-shirts to be easily recognized.

Check-in with A/V or Online Church team lead upon arrival and check out before leaving.


Training: No experience required, but team leads will train before involvement.

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