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First Impressions Team

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Team Overview

First Impressions volunteers welcome all guests that enter our community on a Saturday morning. In addition to greeting people, volunteers answer questions and help guests find their way around the building. This team is our guests' first and last impression of the InFinite community at Washington Spanish Bilingual.


First Impressions Lead: Responsible for leading the First Impressions Team of volunteers through the details of a Saturday at WASPB. They work closely with the InFinite Guest Experience Director.


Greeter: Serve our guests at the doors and in the hallways by making them feel valued with a sincere greeting, a friendly presence, and a fond farewell. They also answer questions, provide clear information and help guests take next steps.


Parking Attendant: Serve our guests in the parking lot by providing a warm welcome, clear directions, and a gracious goodbye.

Sanctuary Attendant: Serve our guests in the Sanctuary by welcoming them with a warm greeting, friendly presence, and clear directions to a seat.


Arrive on time.

Attend the First Impressions team huddle.

Help set up and clean First Impressions team areas.

Wear the provided volunteer t-shirt at all times, making you easily recognizable to our guests.

Check-in with team lead upon arrival and check out before leaving.

Have fun and talk to the guests!


Training: No training required.

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